Online Dating And Mail-Order Brides

If you believe that distance is not an obstacle for love, a beautiful foreign girl may become your perfect match. Discover the world of online dating and meet your love or mail order bride soon!

Mail Order Brides Or Online Dating: Do They Make Happy?

A romance or marriage with a woman of another nationality is intriguing, exciting, and a bit questioning too. Is it possible to find not only a common language with a foreign woman but get love with her too?

It is often hard to come to an understanding with a woman of your nationality. How can we talk about the girls of other countries?

Well, you may find love abroad easily because the tastes differ. You may have love to classic family hierarchy, and the women of your social circle may have no similar thoughts. Thus, you should try somewhere else: for example, in Eastern Europe, Asia, or Latin America. Women, there are famous for their family values, interesting traditional temper, and sunny disposition. 

Online Dating And Mail-Order Brides

And you have a few options to find love, depending on your intent. If you need casual relationships – look for a girlfriend on international dating sites; if you want to get married – look for mail order bride.

Here you will learn who the mail order brides are, what are their aims and wishes, and how to use dating platforms. Read on, and you will get a little list of tips and tricks for the very first date with a foreign lady at the end of the article!

Who are mail order brides?

The term “mail order brides” has been surrounded by misconceptions and stereotypes, often leading to an inaccurate understanding of these women and their motivations.

Beyond the Stereotypes

Contrary to popular belief, mail order brides are not desperate, impoverished, or submissive women looking for an escape from their lives. They are typically independent, educated, and ambitious individuals who seek a compatible partner for a meaningful relationship.

Motivations for Seeking International Relationships

Mail order brides pursue international relationships for various reasons, including broader dating pools, cultural exchange, and the desire to find a compatible partner who shares their values and aspirations. They are often driven by a genuine desire for love and companionship, rather than financial or material gain.

The Role of Online Dating Platforms

Online dating platforms (Tinder), mail order bride services (eHarmony) or lists like facilitate connections between mail order brides and potential partners. These platforms offer a range of communication tools, translation services, and support to help both parties navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of international relationships.

Online Dating And Mail-Order Brides

First of all, they are just women, who want to get a reliable partner. These women are open-minded, beautiful, intelligent, and joyful. They look like the women you can meet on the street. The only difference between mail order brides and the women you can date in real life is that you can buy a bride online on dating sites those, who you were unlikely to meet.

Mail order wives are ready to all the possible troubles that they and their potential partners can meet. What are these problems?

Getting a mail order bride on a dating site is easier than in real life

Getting a mail order bride on reputable dating sites is a good idea for two reasons. First, it saves time and money. Second, it lets you test the chemistry between two people without ever leaving the house. And third, online dating allows you to meet a wide range of women from different parts of the world. Moreover, many of the sites allow video chats and real-time calls. These features are extremely helpful for establishing a trusting relationship with women.

Getting a mail order bride on reputable dating websites is a whole lot easier than in real life. These websites have millions of clients and have a large database of profiles. This means that they can identify women based on their looks, age and body type. They also have the ability to list eye color and hair color. In addition, the websites have a large database of data on women’s photos and information. This makes it easier to find women that fit your taste and preferences.

Mail order brides usually prefer men from Western countries, but they are willing to settle for a man from another country if it means a good marriage. These women also tend to be younger and single and are looking for a lifelong commitment. They may be parents themselves, or they may be single and not married.

Getting a mail order bride on reputable dating sites is an excellent way to find your perfect foreign wife. It can be difficult to meet a woman in person, but the internet makes it much easier and safer. The top mail order bride sites even have online video calls and translation services. However, there are some important things to keep in mind before choosing a mail order bride dating site.

The pitfalls in dating a mail order bride

Online Dating And Mail-Order Brides

Language barrier

The majority of women who use the dating platforms, understand that there would be problems with language. Those of them, who want to find Western men, learn English or know it well enough to communicate. But, some of them rely on translation services. Some of the most popular dating sites offer such services to the users. However, when it comes to going to another country or even marriage and moving there, women start learning English anyway. They do not want to be helpless without a man and language knowledge.

Cultural differences

This is the question bothering a lot of men when it comes to dating a foreign girl. Culture constitutes an important part of one’s personality and influences habits and preferences.The couples that have different cultural background know that everything cannot go smoothly in relationships. But, it seems that this does not touch couples, who have met on dating sites. Why? Because women and men, who meet online, communicate a lot before the meeting. When they decide to meet, they understand that it is a very serious step forward. So, they are ready to solve all the problems that may appear and ready to accept cultural differences. Some of the couples say that such differences, on the contrary, help strengthen their marriage, and add diversity into relationships.

Moving to another country

Travelling is a pleasant activity, but it can be exhausting too. Packing up, changing the jet lags, and trying to get comfortable in another country is a hard process. Only imagine, how difficult it is for a fragile woman to move to another country with its own traditions, habits, and governmental structure. Mail order wives understand that they will likely to move to their men’s motherlands, but it is still hard to get used to this thought and the motherland too. You can help her a lot by a bit of understanding. Just support her mentally, and you will see no troubles.

Online Dating And Mail-Order Brides

Job issue

It may be hard to find a job in the motherland, not even talking about searching for a job in another country. It may be it even harder when it comes to finding a job in a state that has completely different job working conditions, obligations, and rules. If your beautiful life companion has a good job experience, she will succeed in getting a workplace. But, remember that she will have to get used to everything new in her life, so you should support her if she wants to. But, remember that she will get depressed without your support.

Online Dating And Mail-Order Brides


If you have children, you may not think about your woman will not like them. You will see the opposite: the women we are talking about here are very kind to kids and have a special love for them. The other question is her children. If you are not ready to marry a woman with kids, you should not tease her. She will never go somewhere without them, so think twice before dating a mother of two babies without the serious intention to live with these little ones too.

What do mail order brides want?

They want nothing, but love, just like you and just like anyone else. These women experience the same troubles when dating men in their country. They could not meet a man, who is reliable, kind, and serious enough to marry them and support them. So, they try to find such men abroad, and a lot of them succeed.

Slavic, Asian, and Latin women adore to see and feel the attention. It is important for every girl to feel it every day. Why? This is a female nature that demands male attention in the form of compliments, gifts, and gentleman behavior. If you love women and are sure that you can devote some time to your lady, you will be happy in any relationship.

Online Dating And Mail-Order Brides

Romance is the girls’ best friend. But, in the case with  internet brides, you should remember that it might take more time to win her heart than in the case with a girl in real life. And, it might be difficult because you do not see her personally. Some dating services over the live chat and video chat for you to communicate just like you would do in real life. But, you can only see the videos and hear her voice. To charm a woman this way would be hard, but if there is a possibility to send gifts to her, it will raise your chances to succeed.

Some ladies want to live abroad because of the hard situation in their countries. For example, in Asia women feel a huge moral and social pressure. Traditions there demand a lot from a lady, but it is too exhausting and improper to follow all those rules for the modern Asian beauties. They know that there are other countries with the other customs – and Asian girls are ready to accept those customs.

Some men cannot make all these happen or just do not want to. If you are ready to become a romantic, responsible, and caring partner, you will win the heart of any mail order bride.

Why mail order wives are popular?

To create a family, you need a partner with the same look on relationships. You can have different habits and tastes with a lady, but similar ideas on marriage and love. If you succeed in finding such a partner, you will be happy. But, how can you find such a girl?

Online Dating And Mail-Order Brides

The other countries hide beautiful and intelligent women. The only thing that you needed in this situation is a dating website that will connect lonely souls and will allow them to meet after some communication.

What is mail-order bride services and how does they work?

Everyone who wants to find a perfect match may use dating platforms. They represent sites with the possibility to communicate with people who have the same aim – love and happiness. But, there are different types of marriage sites.

You should know that the aims and ideas about relationships may vary. Some people suppose that love and happiness may appear only in marriage, some people get happy flirting, and the other would like to have financial support from a partner. Dating platforms try to meet all demands. There are such types of brides sites:

Online Dating And Mail-Order Brides
  • Connect people who want long-term relationship and marriage;
  • Help to meet people, who want a companion for an evening;
  • Allow people to get travel companions;
  • Help wealthy men and ambitious girls to communicate and meet.

You should decide upon your aim of communication and then choose a dating site. The majority of them encourage people to get involved in long-term relationships, and only a few of them help to manage the other life issues.

Then you should know that there are sites that concentrate on a certain public or nationality. For example, some sites allow people of all nationalities to communicate meet and date, and there are those that focus only on Asian, Ukrainian or Russian brides. If you want to meet Ukrainian brides, choose the websites and that help to meet this particular kind of girls.

How does a regular mail order bride service work?

The sites vary, but we can reveal the basic pack of actions.

First of all, any potential user should register. The registration may demand payment, but the majority of the dating sites allow to register for free. You should provide some general information about you, like name and surname, location, age, and the gender of your ideal partner.

After the registration, sites usually offer the new users to pass a short or long test. The questions usually touch your appearance, habits, and likes, plus a short description of your perfect match. The results of this test will be the basis for the matchmaking algorithm. This algorithm will provide you with the lists of people you will be deeply compatible with; in other words, with the people having either the same preferences that you have or close to them.

Some sites demand ID verification, some sites allow you to do this if you want to. People confirm their identities on dating sites to show their serious intentions to the other members. To prove your identity, you might provide a website with any document that has your name and a photo (driver license, passport, or any other document). It usually takes from 24 hours to 3 days for the administration to check your documents and give you the status of a verified member. Your profile will get a special mark that will show the other members and that you are a real person. It will raise your chances to meet your perfect match.

And there are also additional services on dating sites. They may include translation services, sending gifts and flowers, the organization of dates, help with documents for traveling, etc.

And, remember that you should usually pay for all these services, and for using a platform. You may learn the prices from reviews or on the websites.

How to choose a reliable marriage site?

You should pay attention to the following details.

Security level.

It is the most important thing when it comes to dating sites. People provide sites with their personal data, documents, and make transactions online. So, there is a need in good protection of all your information and actions. Companies usually describe their security measures, and they should note 128-bit SSL encryption, possibility to prove the identity, and the work of moderators. Some companies make the transactions anonymous – this is the best variant for those, who like to keep everything under control.

Range of services.

If you see that you only pay for communication, and there is no additional services lite translation or sending gifts – this is a sign that a platform only takes the money and does nothing for members. Not a good sign at all.


If there are phones and emails – not Google mail or a set of random numbers – you can try this service. Support team, especially if it works 24/7, is a feature of reliable platforms.

Quality of profiles.

If the quality of the photos is low, and if the profiles have only the names and location – get rid of that website and never get back. You will get nothing there but can lose your money.

How to protect yourself from problems?

Some sites have huge FAQs that contain tips of how to avoid fraud, blackmail, and scam. We can share with you a shorter version!

  1. Do not provide information that can lead to blackmail: personal documents, contacts, and intimate photos.
  2. Do not send money to anyone – better send a gift if you want to please your interlocutor.
  3. Be careful when arriving at someone – especially if your partner asks you to come to a particular place or asks to take money with you. You may ask the administration of the site you use for help. They may provide you with a meetup service so you will be sure in place you are going to.
  4. Do not stalk a woman, who does not respond to you or stopped answering your message. It is a violation of privacy, as there may be reasons for such behaviour.

Pros and cons of dating a mail-order bride

Well, dating sites help to meet women, but they do not tell about the pros and cons of dating mail order brides. Even if it may cut you from your dream of having a wife, you should know all about these girls. Let’s be honest!


  • Mail-order brides like education. They suppose it to be one of the most important things in the world, so they try to get even Ph.D. while studying – but, they often cannot reach that far because they have to work to earn for living.
  • The chances to impress such girls is very high for a Western man. This is a statistics: Western men seem to be both, serious and romantic guys. Russia, Asia, Latin America, and Ukraine girls accept gentlemen behavior with smiles and gratefulness. You will never feel that you owe something to them – only enjoy courting them and their sweet reactions.
  • Mail order wives usually like to cook. It is explained by their complete understanding that they will likely cook another cuisine – the cuisine of their husbands. But, they usually do not consider it as torture: it is a pleasure for them to learn something new.
  • They respect traditional family hierarchy, and they focus greatly on family values. It means that foreign women may make all your wishes about a family with a cozy home true.
  • They are ready to travel. They understand that there would be moving to another country if their partner wants the same. Mail order wives are ready to it.


  • Dating sites that allow international communication usually charge members for using their services. So, you should pay some money to talk with all those beauties, whose profiles you see on dating platforms.
  • There may be some problems with English. But, it is a pretty rare case with a mail order bride. Usually, they either have some English knowledge or start learning when they meet a potential partner. Till the moment you can communicate personally, your lady will know English well. If you want to talk with your wonderful girl immediately, but she knows no English word, you can buy the translation services.
  • You can meet almost the same problems, like with the real-time beauties. Some of the girls simply may not like you.

Are there any useful tips to date a mail-order bride?

Well, let’s imagine that you have chosen an aim of communication, a reliable dating website, and your communication with a girl lead you to date. She is arriving at you, and you are ready to see her, finally, in real life!

You should know the last thing about foreign ladies. We would like to share some extremely useful tips, that will create a winning-heart strategy!

If you are a foreign guy, you have great chances to win the hearts of mail-order brides. They believe that Western men have a special attitude to women and they behave like princes with them. So, if you play a prince a bit, you may get a lot of nice smiles! But, do not play, if you are far from the image of a charming gentleman. Do not lie to your date, as she will not lie to you.

Having a stable income is an excellent thing. Foreign ladies suppose that it is the sign of a reliable and strong man so they will like you if you belong to the wealthy kind of man. If you are a nice man too, of course.

It would be nice if you learn some details of your dear woman’s country. If you know some specialties of behavior in the country your honey lives in, she will appreciate it will all her heart. Additionally, it will relieve her of the duty to explain every single detail to you like to a child.

Take something with you from your country – a little souvenir. It is optional, but your lady will accept it with a wide smile and lots of positive emotions.

Be attentive. If you notice that it gets cold, hug her or offer to go to a cafe. Open a door for her, help her to take off a coat – if needed. You will feel her openness to all those men-like actions and will be inspired by it.

It is hard to find happiness. But, mail order wives seem to be able to grant men with it. Maybe, your struggles from solitude will happily end on one of the dating sites?